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New Version-Hegemony Contest

2017-03-06   From:Sango Heroes


Interface of Battle

How to Open

Lv.60 to unlock

Time for Opening

1.Points Contest

Tournament is unavailable

Time of Opening: 12:00 on Monday

Time of Shutting: 24:00 on Thursday

Tournament is available

Time of Opening: 12:00 on Monday

Time of Shutting: 24:00 on Friday


Time of Opening: 00:30 on Saturday

Time of Shutting: 24:00 on Saturday


1.Points Contest

a)You can get Tournament Token from Points Contest, which are used for exchanging Legendary HeroesLegendary Gears and Rare Titles.

b)You need choose one group from Wei, Shu, Wu and Qun when you enter Points Contest. According to points, every player will get a rank when it ends. Top 100 in each group will get lots of rewards and Special Titles.


c)You can get Ranking Rewards form Rewards Center when Points Contest ends.

d)Each player has 15 times for challenging and 10 times for refreshing per day. Higher power's players you challenge, more points and Tournament Tokens you will get. Players can refresh your rivals when you cannot get a victory. I would do that if I were you.


e)You cannot repeatedly challenge your rivals you had defeated. Rivals will be refresh without costing Refresh Token when you defeat all 3 current rivals.

f)You can get lots rewards of Tournament Token according to times you win. Victory rewards and times you win will be reset at 00:00 per day.


a)Top 100 in Points Contest and Top 50 in Arena before Points Contest begins will get a qualification to enter Tournament.

b)Those players who have entered Tournament will fight for ranks against each other. According to ranking, players will get rewards from Rewards Center when Tournament ends.

c)Rank rewards include massive rewards, besides players who stand former in the ranks will get Perfect Limited Titles.

d)If one player ranked in Top 10, all players who are above Lv.60 in his server will receive a server rewards according to his ranking.

Combat Balance

1.Players will see how many Tournament Tokens they will get when they challenge others in Points Contest.

2.You win, you get all. You lose, you get a half.

3.The amount of Tournament Token is same with amount of points you got.


1.Ranks in Points Contest is according to group that players chose and ranks in same group is according to amount of points you got.

2.Top 3000 in Tournament will be counted and Top 100 in Tournament will be listed in the interface of rank.

Tournament Shop

Players can purchase items and Titles with Tournament Tokens when they get enough Tournament Tokens in Tournament Shop.