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New Version-Advisor Dungeon

2017-04-10   From:Sango Heroes

Get Advisors' shards, related Advisor items and enhance your own Advisors.

How to Open

Lv.70 to unlock


In the interface of Battle


1.Advisor Dungeon includes 4 stages and each stage has 12 levels.

2.Enter next stage while you pass the right level.

3.It's available to challenge the left levels while every stage starts and other levels will be open according to route map that players had chosen.

4.It's available to challenge close levels while one level was passed by you.

5.It's available to open Military Treasure and get rich Advisor items while every stage had been passed.

6.It's available to open Military Treasure for 5 times; 1 time for free and 4 times for gold

7.Pass levels and get extra rewards when you are in 2-4 stage; the higher stage you had passed, the richer rewards that from Military Treasure you will get.

8.It's available to challenge 16 times in each round; challenge times will be decreasing whatever you win or lose; no times, no challenge.

9.You have 1 time to reset Advisor Dungeon for free; you have to challenge from the first when you reset and challenge times will be 16 again.

10.You will get kits and Doc. from Advisor Dungeon.

11.Challenge Interface

12.Finish Interface


Ranking is depend on account of kits you got in 1 challenge and no any rewards; all servers share the same ranking.

Advisor Shop

Advisor Shop is same as Advisor Shop in interface of Advisor.