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New Version-Red Packet

2017-05-03   From:Sango Heroes

Purchase Red Packets through Recharge Kits and send them in your guild. Meanwhile, get achievements by sending or receiving Red Packets and permanent Titles.


Interface of Guild



1.Purchase Red Packets through Recharge Kits in Points Shop by costing Recharge points.


2.Content of Red Packets

There is only gold in the Red Packets, which involves 5000 gold, 10000 gold and 20000 gold; Members of guild may get some gold through receiving Red Packets.


3.Each Red Packet is available for 20 players at most; click Records and check those players who had received Red Packets.


4.Each Red Packet is available to each player for 1 time.

5.Each Red Packet is available for 24 hours; remain gold won't be return to players who sent if Red Packet had not been token clearly.

6.Each player can send 1 Red Packet and receive 5 Red Packets each day, which will be reset at 00:00 every day.


Rank involves Wealth Rank and Luck Rank.

Wealth Rank is depend on the amount of gold you had sent in Red Packets.

Luck Rank is depend on the amount of gold you had received in Red Packets.


Achievement involves Plutus Achieve and Luck Achieve.

Plutus Achieve

Send gold and get rewards of Title and gold


Luck Achieve

Receive gold and get rewards of Title, silver, foodstuff and wine.


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