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New Version-Guild War

2017-05-31   From:Sango Heroes


Interface of Guild


How to Open

1. Guild is Lv.5

2. There are more than 22 Guild Members whose level are higher than 50.




1. Every Guild War will be opened during every two weeks

2. Only Chief and Vice Chiefs can register, which has requirement that level of guild is 5 and there are over 22 players whose level are higher than level 50

3. It's available to register only on Monday; Deploy your troops from 00:00 to 10:00 and fight with each other from 10:00 to 24:00, which is available from Tuesday to Sunday.

4. It's unavailable to dissolve guild when you registered Guild War.

5. It's unavailable to join Guild War for those players who enter new guild less than 24 hours.



1. Only Chief and Vice Chiefs can deploy troops in inner city, main city, right city and left gate.

2. Guild members only can check deploy details.

3. There are 7 members in main city, left city and right city and 1 member in inner city.

4. If guild is in register and preparation, members quit after register and they cannot join in Guild War; if guild is in combat, members will be dismissed when the second combat begins; if guild war has not begun, time that members in guild is less than 24 and they can join in Guild War.

5. If members are less than 22, inner city is the first to deploy.

6. There are 3 guilds in one group, it's unavailable to join in Guild War for those guilds whose level and average power are the lowest.

7. Every guild war ends, it's available to get consolation prize in Reward for those guild who cannot join in Guild War.



1. Every city has 3 gates and 1 inner city; 3 gates need to be defend by 7 players and 1 inner city needs to be defend by 1 player; the first line of defense is 3 city gates and it's available to attack inner city when they had been broke; Players who defend city will be fight back when rivals attack you cities.

2. City gate and inner city all have initial City Def points, which will be lost when they had been attacked; you can get rewards of guild records when you fought back rivals' challenges successfully, meanwhile City Def points will be lost; times of defend will be decrease 1 and City Def points will be lost too much; times of defend decrease to 0 and defenders will be die and it's unavailable to fight back.


3. City gate will be broke when all defenders died or City Def points decreased to 0.

4. Whatever defeat or victory, times will be decrease 1 while you attack rivals' cities; you can get lots of guild contribution and rivals' cities will be lose lots of City Def points when you succeed; you also can get guild contribution and rivals' cities will be lose some City Def points when you failed.

5. More rivals' cities Def points had been lost, the higher guild record and personal record will be; you can get different rewards when you attack different cities' gates and you will get the best rewards if you had broken inner city.

6. Guild will get lots of guild EXP when 1 gate had been broken.

7. According to rank of guild record and individual record, you can get them in the Rewards Center when every Guild War ends.

8. Members of guilds can get rewards per day according to times of attack and City Def points that they had broken.