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New Version-Apotheosize

2017-05-31   From:Sango Heroes


Interface of Heroes


How to Open

Epic and Legendary heroes whose level is 90 and their level of practice is 8


1. Apotheosize divides into 3 stages, which was divided into 5 levels.

2. Apotheosize can enhance your ATK, HP, Phy Def and Str Def.

3. It's available to enhance your quality for Lv.3 of Epic Heroes, meanwhile, which enhance your skills and talents.

4. It's unavailable to enhance your quality for Lv.3 of Legendary Heroes, however, which enhance your skills.

5. Hero Soul, Apotheosize Bolus, Hero Essence, Hero Shards and silver will be cost in the process of Apotheosize.