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New Version-Shattering

2017-07-25   From:Sango Heroes

Fight with your allies to get Arms Token and Fusion Stone.

How to Open

Lv.100 to unlock


1. Shattering should be opened by 3 players together; you can choose auto-match or create a team.

2. Shattering has no limit, you can fight with allies in Shattering for any times if you want, but rewards has limit; you can get rewards for 3 times by free each day; or you can purchase rewards times, which was depended on level of VIP.


3. You can invite your friends to join your team when you create a team.

4. You can remove any players if you think they are not ok.

5. Players in team can check enemies' gears.

6. Only captain can refresh enemies' array, which costs 10 gold;

7. Shattering points will double in 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-22:00 every day, which was used for ranking and titles' rewards.


8. Arms and other related props were sold in Arms Shop; you can purchase some props for 1 time in each week when your points meet requirements; time will be reset at 24:00 on Sunday.