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New Version-Arms

2017-07-25   From:Sango Heroes

Arms enhance heroes' power.

How to Open
Lv.100 to unlock

Arms Promotion
Only lord, epic heroes or higher quality heroes can equip Arms, which was divided into 12 kinds and it's available to equip fixed kind for heroes. Every kind Arms can promote 5 stages, in the meantime, it will cost same stage or lower stage Arms that are same kind to promote. At last, Arms enhance heroes' basic attributes.
Arms Refining
1. Attributes had been opened would be modified by Arms Refining, which could change all attributes had been opened instead of attributes had been locked.
2. You could choose one attribute to lock and refine others, attribute had been locked will be same.
3. Attributes had been refined would be reserved until you choose to replace them.
4. Refine one attribute cost 50 gold.